What Olwen's Clients are Saying

"Olwen is one of the most dedicated and inspiring people I know. As a director she brings a depth of experienced wealth of knowledge and a clear vision to the rehearsal room. She creates a safe space to work in, facilitating collaboration, spontaneity and originality of thought. Olwen has the ability to “bring the extra out of you” and I certainly developed as an actress under her guidance. One of her greatest gifts is her sense of fun and play. Her humour is incredibly infectious and working with her is a joy. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Olwen always encourages you to aim higher and give more than you thought you had. As a director-teacher she will extend your skill set, develop your professionalism and motivate you to always aim higher."

Belinda Lazenby, Artistic Director Az2B Theatre Company.


“I have been one of Olwen’s students for over two years and in this time she has revolutionised my knowledge of acting. Before taking lessons I thought I knew what acting was; I didn’t. Through text analysis, movement, voice and improvisation, Olwen has lifted the veil and shown me how to become a real actor. With her method, Olwen has not only provided me with a practical actors toolkit, but also given me a solid foundation in essential classic and contemporary plays garnered from her vast experience as an actor who continues to work at the top level. Olwen always puts 100% into my lessons and the results speak for themselves. I trust Olwen fully with my education and feel I am becoming an all-round, versatile and confident actor. The lessons are always exciting and challenging but in a fun way. You come away desperate to put your new found skills to use!”

Will Neviani, Acting student 2020

“Olwen May is a sheer inspiration. Her ability to obtain the best from her students is outstanding. Olwen directed our group in two pieces written by Peter Spafford. We were very much novices, and came along with the general family baggage, including babies and toddlers ( yes I mean to rehearsals!). I’m not sure I would have taken us on but she rose to the occasion. She moulded, cajoled and refined us and our time with Olwen has given us so much confidence. We are forever grateful to her for believing in us and giving us the tools to carry on with our individual roles in acting, writing and directing. Olwen is our champion.”

Sue Jarvis, Balby Drama Group


“Olwen is one of those performer/directors who puts everyone at ease both in the rehearsal room and on stage. I've never worked with a warmer, more generous director. Olwen makes decisions with you, not for you, and puts creativity at the forefront of every minute in the space. The process that Olwen goes through is ultimately joyful. Gentle, but firm, she gets the best from everyone in the company. A rare skill in any director or performer. Olwen's work with texts and script development is brilliant. Perceptive and insightful. She has a real skill with the bigger picture in workshops and rehearsal rooms.”

Pete Toon Producer, Mikron Theatre

“Olwen switched me on to Shakespeare! It was the thing I was most worried about for my [ Drama School ] auditions. I never understood Shakespeare at school and thought it was difficult and boring. But now I think I finally get it. I’m a complete convert!”

Jo Dent, Drama Student


“Olwen is extremely gifted, resourceful, imaginative and energetic in her work. She has a wealth of experience which she employs in her workshops to great effect. She has impeccable communication skills and is able to engage people who have little or no experience or confidence, through complex drama exercises. In our particular field we work with people with acute and enduring mental illness. Olwen has great sensitivity and perception in her approach with our clients, who regularly request for more sessions with her facilitation.”

Theresa Smith & Steve Huison, Shoestring Theatre

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