Public Speaking with Confidence

Public Speaking
With Confidence

Directing a rehearsal of ’The Cage’ for Fifty6Ninety6 Theatre

Public Speaking with Confidence Coaching

I have worked with writers, clergy, business people and many others looking to find confidence in public speaking situations. Whether it’s a one off - a wedding speech, eulogy or lecture, or someone looking for strategies to improve their presentation skills at work, I can support you to find your unique style.


Techniques and strategies for finding presence and poise in a room. Exploring more connected ways to stand, speak and communicate with others to make a greater impact.


Improving vocal clarity and ease. Finding a more confident, expressive and connected way to speak to others, whether privately or in public.


Becoming more aware of how we move and stand and how the body, breath and voice are all connected.


I can work with your business or group. Learning alongside other people can be insightful, inspiring and fun.


“I got in touch with Olwen because I was nervous about my speech for my wedding in August 2017. My wife has a high profile job, posh friends and intelligent co-workers! I wanted to be funny and factual about Carole and her life. Olwen was magical! She kept me at ease the whole time, pointed me in the right direction and was a very good listener. And she gave me lots of confidence so I could believe in myself. I’m a Yorkshireman with a strong accent so I was nervous about the way I talked… I have a very successful job and my own business but this was not my world. Olwen put me at peace and it went down a storm!! Thank you Olwen.”

Steven Walker

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Please ring or email me to discuss your needs and how I can help you.

I work on a sliding scale of fees, especially for groups, where prices depend on the length of the workshop and number of participants.