Acting & Audition Coach

Acting & Audition Coach

Acting &
Audition Coach

Acting and Audition Coach in West Yorkshire

I work as a professional actress and theatre director and have a wide knowledge of the industry. I coach performers, drama school applicants and actors in training. I work with voice production, textual analysis, script choice for auditions, Shakespeare, character development, audition skills and movement awareness. But most importantly, I always seek to help actors to find spontaneity, immediacy and honesty, based on very clear purposes and objectives and sound technique.

I also coach people who want to improve their public speaking or presentation skills, again to find a clarity of purpose and to be able to speak with real enjoyment and vibrancy.

My aim, always, is to support people to locate more deeply their own innate talents and abilities in a creative and enjoyable way.

For one to one work I tutor at home in West Yorkshire and also online. I have worked with groups in many different settings and am happy to discuss travelling to different venues.


Actors love working with her. They feel well managed and inspired by her guidance. By asking all the right questions she enables them to find the answers within themselves. Add to that her mastery of technique and her personal qualities of being immensely kind, empathetic and respectful and you have a very special combination of talents.

Gilly Baskeyfield, Artistic Director, M6 Theatre Company

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Please ring or email me to discuss your needs and how I can help you.

I work on a sliding scale of fees, especially for groups, where prices depend on the length of the workshop and number of participants.